Slowly But Surely

A  campaign effort to  encourage the use of dialects amongst the younger generation of Singaporeans in attempts to preserve it and not let it die out eventually.

Typographic Installation

A collaborative effort by  Janice Esther Poh, Lee Yu Hui & Valerie Chua




“任何事情的开始和完成都需要时间循序渐进,不可能有完 美的速成法’. - Mencuis
The quote above is trying to express that in whatever we do, we do it with patience. Everything takes time, and hence in every process, we cannot rush it but face it with perseverance and patience. In short, it is trying to say that one should not resort to taking the easy way out, as there is no shortcut to success. Hence, this is expressed in the typographic installation through the phrase “Slowly But Surely”.


The first half of the phrase gradually grows out of the bridge with every alphabet to show the gradual growth with time, and this concept of growth with time is also strengthend by the increasing layers of cardboard used to construct each alphabet that comes after. The word ‘SURELY’ has a fixed number
of cardboards used per letter to indicate stability upon the completion of a task. The entire installation is divided into 2 parts as well in order to probe viewers to walk up the stairs to view the word “SURELY’ instead of taking the lift, again to demonstrate the idea that there are no shortcuts to success and every step counts towards eventual success.