Myzone — Rebrand

Creating a seamless experience for gym-goers to facilitate and maximise their workout regimes.

UX/UI Design



To choose an existing device/system, conduct research on its usability and redesign the interface of the device/system. 


When it comes to exercising, simplicity is important. Many companies are coming up with various fitness mobile applications to aid users in their exercise regimes. It is common for these apps to have many different functions in order to cater to a large target audience. They often provide a platform for users to track their progress in different aspects and offer many functions... except being simple and concise, to aid users but yet allow them to fully maximise their workout time.



  1. Poor aesthetics
  2. Information overload
  3. Tedious navigation
  4. Lack of onboarding
  5. Not user-friendly



  1. Including onboarding (for first time users) to introduce the main functions of the application
  2. Intuitive UI design patterns based on most used functions from fitness applications
  3. Customisable home screen for easy access to personalised exercise regime information
  4. Clear representation of daily and monthly progress
  5. Use of graphics for meaning making

Myzone — Rebrand computes data input from users themselves and statistics recorded through the use of the app to chart their progress. It provides a live tracking function while the user is exercising to calculate their heart rate, amount of calories burnt and duration of workout. Through this app, users are able to track their daily and monthly progress.