Deafening Dialects

A  campaign effort to  encourage the use of dialects amongst the younger generation of Singaporeans in attempts to preserve it and not let it die out eventually.

Branding, Motion Graphics, UX/UI Design


Dialects are not merely a form of communication, but also an important part of our culture and heritage. It functions as a cultural vessel that carries stories from the past. With every generation of Chinese Singaporeans, there is a growing decline in the usage of dialects amongst these generations and we are faced with a very real problem of it eventually dying out if we do not take any action in preserving it. With language playing an integral role in preserving our heritage and and being an important and unique component of our heritage roots, the loss of dialects would inevitably mean the loss of an important and rich aspect of our cultural roots. 


Deafening Dialects is a final year project that seeks to highlight the importance of identifying with our ethnic roots through our heritage language. By drawing light and providing further understanding of the declining dialect usage in Singapore's context, this project aims to provide platforms for the younger generations of Chinese Singaporeans to start picking up their own dialect, engaging in conversations using dialects, and recognising the importance of  their heritage language so that they will be better able to embrace their ethnic roots.  This is done through a motion graphics video, a dialect mobile application and dialect tee shirts with packaging design.